Spittlebug Nymph  (two photos)
Family Cercopidae
Genus Clastoptera

spittlebug nymph with pink eyes
While I was photographing insects in Wasatch County, Utah, my friend Ruth Sulik was
taking samples
of leaves to determine what some of the plants were.  That evening she
pulled off some a tiny speck from a leaf and told me it was a bug. I laughed,
but she
was insistent. I took a picture of this little crumb and, sure enough,
it was a little
 insect with pink (maybe magenta?) eyes.  More below...  ©  Carol Davis, 6-23-2012

spittlebug nymph
Bugguide helped determine that this tiny creature was a Spittlebug nymph.
One key to identification is the way they hold their tiny
tails up in the air.
Who can deny this baby's cuteness? Huh? Who?
Spittlebugs feed on plants
(which diminishes the cuteness factor.)  I had to use a flash for the photos
so the bug is a little washed out.  Thanks, Ruth!  © Carol Davis, 6-23-2012 

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