Square-headed Wasp   (three photos)
Genus Tachytes

tachytes wasp
I was thrilled when I saw these wasps hanging out on my Hydrangea bush in Taylorsville, Utah, since I don't think
I have seen them in my yard - ever!  Now here was a bunch of them strutting their stuff. Carol Davis 7-27-2015

tachytes wasp guarding the hydrangea
Most of the time these wasps are hard to photograph because they will fly up at the least movement. This happens
because they are chasing other male wasps - sometimes even other species - from the area. I often wonder what
drives them because they should be very tired.  Do they ever collapse from exhaustion?  Carol Davis 7-27-2015

tachytes wasp face
Though they look quite tough, except for those gorgeous green eyes, they are pussycats. Male wasps cannot sting so
you can feel free to get
in the midst of these aerial wars and not fear for your life. I can't guarantee there isn't a
female wasp around
but if you don't flail your farms and threaten the females, they won't bother you, either (I can't
say the same
for yellow jackets or paper wasps - who knows why they decide to sting). Carol Davis 7-27-2015

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