Square-headed Wasp  (three photos)
Genus Tachytes

tachytes wasp
I found these wasps on two different days on Antelope Island frequently and I think they're beautiful. 
© Carol Davis 6-16-2013

Square-headed tachytes wasp
Though they all have green eyes, at least the ones I've found so far, they may have different colored
abdomens. These wasps have the dark orange on the abdomen.  © Carol Davis 6-3-2012

green-eyed wasp
Sand Wasps, like these, are beneficial and dig their nests in the ground. Here's a really cool
of a different species of Tachytes on Dick Walton's site; it gives you an idea of how
they work. Wasps in general are all business and they're fun to watch.  © Carol Davis 6-16-2013

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