Square-headed Wasp  (five photos)
Tribe Larrini
Subtribe Gastrosericina

Gastrosericina wasp
This little wasp was hanging out on a sunflower on Antelope Island.  © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

square-headed wasp
You can see how wasps in this family got the name "square-headed".  © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

orange and black Larrini wasp
This little Square-headed Wasp was much smaller and leaner than the other similarly-colored
wasps I see everywhere.  © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

red and black Gastrosericina wasp
This wasp would not leave the sunflower and seemed to be licking it on occasion. It was hanging out
with the little black wasp below that was its same size.  © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

little black wasp hanging out with Gastrosericina
Little black wasp hanging out with Gastrosericina. It's always nice to include shots
of close friends with family photos.  © Carol Davis 8-3-2016

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