Tachytes Wasp Wars
"Square-headed Wasps)
Genus Tachytes

tachytes wasp
Picture one pretty little Tachytes wasp minding its own business just taking a little
flower food on Antelope Island, Davis County, UT.  © Carol Davis 6-14-2017

two tachytes wasps
In flies an interloper starting to push its way around, so the first Tachytes
wasp gives him the boot, possibly even two boots.  Paybacks are
 he(double toothpicks!) © Carol Davis 6-14-2017

fly bys
Multiple strafings occur and on this one the first wasp flips upside-down,
 just like you see eagles and hawks doing when they're fighting. Oh, if he could
have only gotten a hold on that bozo, what he woulda' done to him!
(I laugh every time I see this photo.) © Carol Davis 6-24-2017

Wasp face
"Can you believe the nerve of that guy!" © Carol Davis 6-14-2017

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