Steel-blue Cricket Hunter
Chlorion aerarium

Chlorion aerarium in Utah
This formidable-looking wasp was on the same sunflower as two Tarantula Wasps. They
were around the same size and squabbled when they met one another
on a leaf.  I don't
know who I would have put my money on in an all out fight.  You can see this one is
baring its large jaws at the little wasp or bee on the next leaf. © Carol Davis 7-30-2017

cricket hunter
Steel-blue Cricket Hunters provision their ground nests with crickets.  ©Carol Davis 7-30-2017

steel-blue cricket hunter
This wasp was on Antelope Island on a popular sunflower that was covered in bees,
wasps, flies and other insects. 
You can read more about these gorgeous wasps on
Bug of the Week. © Carol Davis 7-30-2017

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