Stiletto Fly   (two photos)
Genus Thereva

stiletto Fly
Before I started photographing insects, flies were those fuzzy insects that flew around inside the
house and drove everyone to invent the better flyswatter. I personally own a swatter with
a tiny flip-flop attached to the end and there are many other variations of the ordinary
household one, including battery-operated creations.  © Carol Davis, 6-22-2012

I now know that flies are some of the most interesting and ornate little creatures on the planet.
I never pass up the opportunity to check out a fly while I'm out and about. This one that I found
at Jordanelle had a turned-up abdomen and decorative wings and wanted its picture taken. The
larvae of Stiletto Flies are predaceous, dining on other larvae and pupae.  Adults feed on pollen
and nectar. Wikipedia has some information on the family here
© Carol Davis, 6-22-2012

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