Stink Bug  (four photos)
Species Brochymena sulcata
"Tree Stink Bug"

close-up of a stink bug
This adult predatory Stink Bug (Brochymena sulcata) is the largest I've seen (5/8 inch).  It  was just lounging on my back
steps on this cool Autumn afternoon.  They are truly amazing in color and design. 
These stink bugs, according
to,  have "pronounced serrations on the front edge of the pronotum (top of the thorax)".  You
can see that well in this photo on the left side along the edge between the two left
 front legs. .
© Carol Davis, 10-20-2009

stink bug
I hadn't seen these since I spotted the nymphs on July 5 and 26, 2008.  I've never been fond of stink bugs
(for the smelly reason) but since these are predatory, I find them fascinating.  They live on my lilac
bush. They don't freak out when you take their picture, at least not for awhile.  This is the adult
stage of the Brochymena.
  They have wings and are capable of flight and like to snack on
caterpillars.  © Carol Davis, 9-18-2008

Nymph Stage

tiny stink bug
We were working on our deck steps when I just happened to see this tiny guy (or gal) inching down a branch
of our lilac bush.  Check out the size compared to a pencil point.  © Carol Davis, 7-5-2008

nymph stage
I found this one 21 days later.  It was bigger than the first nymph but smaller than the adult and with no wings yet. 
 © Carol Davis, 7-26-2008

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