Stink Bug
Aelia Americana

brown striped stink bug
I stopped at my best "spider spot" on Antelope Island and the spiders were practically non-existent there so I
decided to hike down a little path that I frequent. It just so happens that this was the only bug I found
 in the area and I knew it was a goodie.  © Carol Davis 8-8-2012

stink bug with anteater nose
I think of this now as the "anteater" of the bug world because it has a nose that reminds me of that
mammal.  When I submitted my photos to Bugguide, I found this was the first photo submitted from
the United States. Cool! I couldn't have done it without "Anty" the Stink Bug.
  © Carol Davis 8-8-2012

Aelia Americana stink bug
This gives a more interesting view of the strange proboscis. I couldn't have found a more willing subject to photograph; it
held perfectly still as I rearranged the grass for better photos.
  © Carol Davis 8-8-2012

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