Stink Bug with Tachinid Fly Parasites
family Pentatomidae
Unknown species

stink bug with
When I first saw this stink bug on a thistle in Mercur
Canyon, Tooele County, Utah, I thought
I'd found some
 new spotted species. It was spotted,
all right, with
Tachinid Fly eggs. © Carol Davis 10-8-2019

tachnid fly egg
According to a Bugguide Tachinid Fly parasite page, Tachinids
lay eggs on various hosts and when the eggs hatch they burrow
into the insects and munch on them. I've seen stink bug
pictures on the Web with a few of these parasites, but this
one in Mercur Canyon was covered in them -and it was
such a pretty stink bug. © Carol Davis 10-8-2019

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