Striped Lady Beetle  (three photos)
Paranaemia vittigera

striped ladybug at Farmington Bay
I first spotted one of these on Antelope Island (below) but
this one was on the underside of a leaf at Farmington
Bay WMA,
Davis County, Utah.  Carol Davis 7-22-2019

striped ladybug
I have to admit I didn't recognize this as a ladybug because
I've never seen a striped ladybug before. I thought it was
some kind of leaf beetle. It was just hanging out in the
grasses in full view on Antelope Island.  Carol Davis, 7-8-2012

Paranaemia vittigera
Most ladybugs eat small insects like aphids and this
one is no exception. July 8 was a good day for me because
I found four new species and I didn't shoot many pictures - too
much wind in the afternoon. What a day!
Carol Davis, 7-8-2012

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