Sunflower Stem Weevil
Cylindrocopturus adspersus

3/16 inch

sunflower weevil
I found this little weevil on a sunflower on Antelope Island.  They may be tiny but they do horrific
damage to sunflower crops.  Check out this site at NDSU for extensive information on this
destructive species.  © Carol Davis, 8-20-2010

sunflower weevil
This is the first of these I ever found. It was nestled in a tiny sunflower leaf
at Promontory Point, Utah.  © Carol Davis 8-1-2010

mating pair of weevils
These two were partying underneath a sunflower leaf on Antelope Island. I turned the leaf over
for a better shot but it was difficult to shoot because these two kept moving around.  I finally
turned the leaf back over and they just kept on whoopin' it up.  © Carol Davis, 8-20-2010

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