Tiny Sweat Bee  (two photoss)
Genus Lasioglossum

Lasioglossum sweat bee
Very tiny red and black Sweat Bee on tiny
Milkweed blossoms in Taylorsville, Salt
County, Utah.  You can see how long and
thick the antennae are below (compared to
their tiny size).  © Carol Davis 8-8-2021

tiny red and black bee
They were continually being chased away by
ants hiding in the blossoms. Bigger bees were
also knocking them around. It's a tough life
out there for bees, big or small, when it comes
to sharing flowers. Even big wasps get knocked
around, and sometimes by the smallest of bees
and wasps.  It's pretty fun watching their
battles.  © Carol Davis 8-8-2021

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