Sweat Bee
Lasioglossum zephyrum
about 4-5 mm

sweat bee
I went to get in to my car and I noticed what I thought was a little flying ant.  Knowing that I could be
mistaken, because many tiny bees or wasps resemble flying ants, I took a few pictures.  Without a
magnifying glass I could not distinguish the details of this little insect.  As I was photographing,
more little "ants" lit on my car.  My first thought was to squash them but thankfully I let this
idea fade and I left them to carry out their mission in life.   © Carol Davis, 4-4-2010

sweat bee
After uploading the pictures to my computer, I could see that indeed they were tiny bees and I suspected they
were Sweat Bees.  I asked the experts on Bugguide.net and they pretty much narrowed them to species.  They
were sure they were Lasioglossom genus and possibly
zephyrum species. See more of my Sweat Bees here
© Carol Davis 4-4-2010

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