Sweat Bee
Subgenus Halictus sensu lato

halictus sensu lato
Sweat Bees get their name from the fact that they occasionally land on someone's sweaty arm and gather a little
moisture.  Sometimes if one swats at them, they may get justly agitated and give a little sting. It really is better
not to swat at bees and wasps since they will defend themselves.  © Carol Davis, 10-21-2011

sweat bee
Is that a cute face or what with those big eyes?  These pollinators are usually too busy to bother with you so don't
worry about them taking chase. Get a camera and take some pictures - it will do you good to get out in the hot
summer sun, sweat a little, and share your perspiration with some bees. 
© Carol Davis, 10-21-2011

non-metallic sweat bee
From what I understand, this subgenus of bees in the Halictus genus, are a part of the non-metallic branch
of the family tree.  In other words, they don't have a metallic cast to them
© Carol Davis, 10-21-2011

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