Sweat Bee  (three photos)
Dieunomia nevadensis arizonensis

Dieunomia nevadensis arizonensis
I found this little sweat bee in 2015 and took the photos below in 2012. All were from
Antelope Island which is a great place to photograph insects.  Carol Davis 7-30-2015

sweat bee
This beautiful bee was pollinating on Antelope Island. I had posted the photos below and then came across
this photo I had taken few weeks earlier.  It appears the species likes Curly-cup Gumweed.  I personally
don't like to deal with it since you get all gummy if you try to hold the stem while photographing in
the ever-present Utah wind.  Trying to get the turpentine-smelling stickiness off your fingers isn't
easy, then it gets on your camera, and then... (need I go on?) Carol Davis, 7-25-2012

orange and black sweat bee
I found this beautifully-marked bee on Curly-cup Gumweed on Antelope Island a few
weeks after I found the one above. Small bees are difficult subjects because they are wary
and fast.
People really tend to overlook the native bees because European honeybees are
always in the spotlight.
According to one of the experts on Bugguide these bees are not
 photographed that often,
arol Davis, 8-8-2012

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