Sweat Bee  (three photos)
Lasioglossum semicaeruleum

Lasioglossum semicaeruleum
I came upon this tiny bee on Antelope Island that appeared to be just lounging around grooming.  It
kept its large eyes on me but was okay with the photographing.  © Carol Davis 10-21-2012

tiny sweat bee
Although very gray looking from the side, the back of this beautiful, big-eyed bee was a metallic green. © Carol Davis 10-21-2012

gray bee
Tiny, tiny Sweat Bee with huge compound eyes on Showy Milkweed at Bear River MBR.  In my opinion, Lasioglossum,
with those slender athletic legs, resemble ballet dancers (I think this one is doing a plié). These blossoms were covered
with the little things crawling in and out of petal openings. Discover Life has a page on this species
of Sweat Bee. © Carol Davis, 6-3-2007

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