Sweat Bee
"Ligated Furrow Bee"
Halictus ligatus

halictus ligatus
I have a catnip plant that had tiny flowers on it this last summer and sweat bees
loved those
blossoms and I noticed these particular sweat bees one day that appeared
 to have golden antennae and
legs.  © Carol Davis 9-8-2015, Taylorsville, Utah

sweat bee with yellow legs
Not only did these bees have golden legs and antennae, their wings were golden,
 as well. Bugguide helped me identify these to species. © Carol Davis 9-8-2015

halictus ligatus sweat bee
I had to move very slowly around these bees because they were very skittish and
would take off if they detected any movement.  I got a little better at photographing
them as
time went along.  Discover Life has some extensive information on
these bees.  © Carol Davis, 9-8-2015

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