Sweat Bee
"Brown-winged Furrow Bee"
Halictus farinosus

Halictus farinosus sweat bee
Striped bees are famous for causing screams and arm-flailing among humans, both male and female,
 but these little sweat bees are
quite harmless and are good pollinators.  © Carol Davis 7-8-2013

halictus sweat bee
This new species for me was gathering pollen from Common Yarrow not far from Powder Mountain
ski resort in Utah.  If you haven't been to the summit at Powder Mountain, you must do so. After all,
ho could resist the harrowing drive up (and particularly down) to Powder Mountain for fun skiing
 in absolutely gorgeous surroundings.  The drive in the off seasons is beautiful but the road just as
steep, and  I have been known to pray on the descent.  © Carol Davis 7-8-2013

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