Syrphid Fly   (three photos)
  Lejops (subgenus Anasimyia)

Lejops lineatus
I was really fascinated by the design on this fly's abdomen when I spotted it in the Jordanelle Dam
wetlands in Wasatch County, Utah.  Syrphid flies tend to have marvelous patterns. Carol Davis, 5-20-2012

syrphid fly
The sex of flies can generally be determined by the eyes. Male flies eyes tend to meet at the top and
females don't. But, this apparently isn't the case with this species since both male and females eyes are
situated the same (according to Bugguide). Carol Davis, 5-20-2012

Lejops fly
This is the first of the species I found. It was flower-hopping on Antelope Island. Males of this species
are more orange and the females are lighter.  I assume both of these are females. This particular fly was
identified as Lejops by in 2009. 
Carol Davis, 5-7-2009

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