Syrphid fly  (four photos)
probably Parhelophilus laetus

syrphid fly in a crab spider's clutches
When I spotted this suspended Syphid Fly in the Jordanelle Dam wetlands near Heber City, Utah I was ecstatic.
 I knew I could get some pictures before the crab spider, at that time holding on to a leaf by one or two legs, could
heft this fly up and away from my sight.
  © Carol Davis 6-1-2014 (despite what the date says on my picture, this
was taken in 2014 -  I'm too tired to go back in and edit three of the mis-dated photos).

syrphid fly parhelophilus laetus
I searched Bugguide for this species and found it.  I'm pretty sure it is Parhelophilus laetus. You can see
another one like it on Bugguide.  Many Syrphid Flies resemble bees.  © Carol Davis 6-1-2014
(not 2013)

syrphid fly
I've never seen a victim like this one - looks like it was being strangled; unlikely, since the jaws
of the spider are imbedded in the head or upper abdomen.  © Carol Davis, 6-1-2014 (not 2013)

crab spider and syrphid fly
Here's the predator - a Crab Spider. They are wicked hunters and their colors blend in so well
with the flowers they are perched on.  Bold Systems has some pinned photos of this
species of Syrphid Fly.  © Carol Davis 6-1-2014

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