Syrphid Fly
Mallota albipilis

mallota species
It pays to go back through old photographs because sometimes you see something you didn't see when
you were checking out the pictures originally.  With this fly I noticed it had some dark spots on the
 wings (that are
more noticeable in the shots below).  © Carol Davis 7-12-201

Mallota albipilis syrphid fly
Red Butte Garden in SLC, where I found this fly, is a favorite "watering hole" for all kinds
of flies, bees
and wasps.  © Carol Davis 7-17-2012

Striped syrphid fly
This photo really shows the smoky patches on the wings. Bugguide has a little information
on this fly and that's about all I could find on the species.  © Carol Davis 7-17-2012

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