Syrphid Fly  (three photos)
"Spotted-wing Bromeliad Fly"
Copestylum satur

Copestylum satur in Utah
Sometimes I know instantly when I look through a lens that I have something new and I
was sure of it this time.  This little girl was visiting flowers in Middle Canyon, Tooele
County, Utah. © Carol Davis 9-6-2017

long-nosed syrphid fly
Besides being a bee-mimic in color, she had a little orange tint on the last half
of her abdomen
She also had a very cool wing pattern with spots all over and
an interesting pattern on her thorax.  © Carol Davis 9-6-2017

pretty little fly
The strangest thing about this fly was the long snout. I've never seen one quite
like that before - made its head look large for its size. The larvae of this species
feed on decaying matter, according to Bugguide.  © Carol Davis 9-6-2017

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