Female and Male Syrphid Fly  (two photos)
Lejops curvipes

female Lejops
I stopped at a small group of rabbitbrush near Bear
River Bear MBR and found a bunch of insects including
this female Lejops curvipes. I had never seen one before.
She is very different looking from the male (this is referred to as
sexual dimorphism - see photo below). © Carol Davis 9-21-2020

lejops curvipes
            syrphid fly
This elusive little guy was hanging around the bottom of some rabbit
brush on
Antelope Island, and I don't blame him because the wind
 was blowing and it was
dang cold. I got four photos, two blurry,
and then he disappeared. Love
the Syrphid Flies - they come in all
styles and colors! Read a little more about them on Bugguide.
© Carol Davis 10-3-2017

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