Syrphid Fly  (three photos)
male Helophilus latifrons

Helophilus latifrons
This bee-like fly really is quite beautiful and has perfectly clear wings
 that really show in this photo. It was hanging
around in the few remaining
blooming rab
bitbrush on this late day in October on Antelope Island, Davis
County, UT. They are evidently a late season fly, judging by another one from
October 21, 2010, on a separate page (show here), and one that I saw on
October 3, 2017 (shown below).  © Carol Davis 10-2

I found this fly one cold morning in October on Antelope Island hanging around
the bottom of some Rabbitbrush. I got just a few pictures of it before it vanished.
It was identified to species by Bugguide.  © Carol Davis 10-3-2017

syrphid fly
I was told it was a male Helophilus latifrons. You can find a comparison
between this species and Helophilus fasciatus here. Larvae of this species
is said to be aquatic (N. Y. State Museum). © Carol Davis 10-3-2017

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