Margined Calligrapher Fly   (three photos)
Toxomerus marginatus

margined calligrapher
This tiny male orange fly was visiting my Cilantro blossoms in
Salt Lake County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 5-25-2019

Toxomerus marginatus
If you want to see the tiniest of pollinators, plant
Cilantro and let it blossom. I was just barely able to
see this little guy flying among the flowers in my garden.
The bees and flies love Cilantro - it has pink pollen!
 © Carol Davis 6-25-2019

syrphid fly
This colorful fly is very beneficial as it eats aphids, thrips
and small caterpillars in the larval stage and as an adult it
 pollinates by dining on pollen.  I am always amazed when
I find a new species of Syrphid Fly--there are so many different
abdominal patterns. © Carol Davis, 8-16-2010, Promontory Point

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