Syrphid Fly  (three photos)
  Helophilus latifrons

female Helophilus
Antelope Island seems to be the common
hangout for these flies.  They are quite
beautiful and can be mistaken for bees.
The one below is a little crusty.
Carol Davis 9-29-2020

syrphid fly
When I saw this fly land on rabbitbrush on Antelope Island, I
knew I had something different. Not only was the thorax and a
point on the head covered in some kind of debris, but the design
 on the abdomen was unique. Carol Davis, 10-21-2010

Thanks to for identifying this syrphid fly to species.
 I am amazed by how many flies resemble bees with their stripes
 and even buzzing sounds. Most people would not be able to tell
 the difference between syrphid flies and bees; likewise, all humans
look the same to to bees and flies.
Now that I think about it, this fly
might be wearing a little sweater - Utah Octobers can be quite
chilly, especially on the Island. Carol Davis, 10-21-2010

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