Syrphid Fly
Genus Spilomyia liturata
(wasp mimic)

wasp imitator
This large fly was a real puzzle. It flew in, landed and began waving
its wings. My first thought was "can this be a wasp?"
certainly looked like a wasp but I couldn't get over the
wing-waving thing. 
Carol Davis, 8-5-2011

Being much braver with wasps than ever before in my life, I moved
in for some close-ups. when I got home this was the shot that convinced me
 this must be a fly, even though the critter buzzed like a bee.
Carol Davis, 8-5-2011

wasp-like syrphid fly
I did a search for "wasps with spotted eyes" and Eric Eaton's sight came up
with the exact wasp-like fly I was looking for. Wow! What a neat insect. It's
 one of the best wasp mimics I've ever come across.  Carol Davis 8-5-2011

By the way,
There is a very good description in a paragraph from The
Birder's Bug Book
regarding the act of "wing-wagging"
(what the author
calls it)
in the Spilomyia syrphid fly and why they do it.

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