Syrphid Fly   (five photos)
Lejops polygrammus

Lejops polygrammus
I found this Lejops, along with a bunch of its friends, on Antelope Island in 46 degree weather. How
strange it is that I should find more of this species after first finding them just one month ago at
Red Butte Gardens (see photos below).
© Carol Davis, 11-23-2011

Lejops polygrammus
The first thing I noticed about this fly at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City was its unusual abdominal
markings. The second thing I noticed was the large upper leg. © Carol Davis, 10-21-2011

unusual fly pattery
This is a rear view of the pattern.
© Carol Davis, 10-21-2011

hover fly
Not only were the abdominal markings strange but the stripes on the thorax had a pattern as well.
I had seen a lot of syrphid flies, but none had these markings.
© Carol Davis, 10-21-2011

white-faced fly
From this view the pattern on the thorax is even more strange. It looks like an upside-down
music stand. 
The larvae of this species feed on decaying matter and the adults, like
 this one, feed on nectar. I have another picture of a mating pair here.  © Carol Davis, 10-21-2011

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