Tachinid Fly  (four photos)
Tribe Tachinini
may all be different species as they were
photographed on different days but in
the same general area

hairy tachnid fly
Got hair? This "pincushion" was taking pollen along
side the road to Pine Valley in Washington
County, Utah. Large Tachinids like this are
the king of the beasts of the fly world, in my
opinion. Look at that hairy mane. © Carol Davis 9-20-2015

tachnid fly
This particular fly had beautiful, pristine wings.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2015

face it
I think most everyone wonders why they need so many spikes. I wish I knew.  Maybe it's some kind
of protection against predators or parasites. Parasitic Tachnid fly larvae are
good in controlling
pests that damage crops and flora.  © Carol Davis 9-21-2015

tachnid flies

The University of Maryland Extension Service has an article all about them that you might
 like (if you enjoy reading about hairy parasitic flies and their creepy
offspring - mmmwwwaaaaahhhhhh). © Carol Davis 9-20-2015
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