Tachnid Fly
Subfamily Tachininae

Tachnic Fly

With a stripe down its back, this Tachnid Fly from the Jordanelle Dam wetlands must be the skunk of the Tachnid Fly world.  It also has a
 bristly tail end that makes it stand out from other flies.  It is a parasitic fly, laying eggs on other insects with the larvae feeding off the
host.  All Tachnid Flies are natural pollinators as adults since they fly from flower to flower spreading pollen.  Sometime in the Spring,
take a moment to visit a flowering bush or tree and take note of how many insects are in the flowers besides Honey Bees.  For further
information on pollinators, some of them surprising, read these interesting articles on the U. S. Forest site. © Carol Davis, 7-29-2007

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