Tachinid Fly  (three photos)
Genus Paradidyma

Paradidyma singularis
The sun was very bright and hot (thus the glare off the stem) on Antelope Island when I found
this fly lounging
around posing for photographs. I think
Paradidyma singularis is one of the
 most handsome of all the
Tachinid flies (family Tachinidae) in Utah.  Carol Davis 9-7-2014

striped tachnid fly
This one was sitting on a sunflower next to a dirt road on Antelope Island and had nowhere to
go because it hung around for a long time (in fact, I think I left first). It was a new species  for
 me.  I couldn't find much information on this fly, although I know that adult Tachinids
take nectar and their larvae are parasitic on other insects.  Carol Davis 9-26-2010

fly thoughts
Ever wonder what a fly's thinking? Me neither, until now. This one does seem to be contemplating what to do
next in its short life span: just sit and let the breeze blow through its curly locks,
hum a song, climb a tree,
tease a wasp, play in Bison doo-doo, annoy a photographer....
  Carol Davis 9-26-2010

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