Tachinid Fly  (four photos)
Cylindromyia intermedia

They are sometimes hard to spot among the larger wasps and
bees, but they will hold still long enough for a photo.  This one was
 modeling on yellow flowers at Red Butte Gardens, SLC, Utah. 
Carol Davis, 5-29-2012

tachinid fly
The striped abdomen on this skinny fly really adds to its
appeal. What appeal, you may ask - flies have no appeal. 
Granted, they can be disgusting, especially in the larval stage,
but you have to admit these little wasp imitators are beautiful in
 their own "maggoty" sort of way.  Carol Davis, 5-29-2012

tachnid fly
I expect to see some larger flies in November but finding this
tachnid fly was a real
shocker for me. I've never found them this
late in the year on Antelope Island.  Carol Davis

Cylindromyia tachnid fly
It was not alone - there was a little Picture-winged Fly or
Fruit Fly on the same rabbit brush.  Below are some pictures
I took some years ago.  Carol Davis 11-9-2016

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