Tachinid Fly   (two photos)
family Tachinidae

tachnid fly with short wings
When I saw this little fly on Antelope Island I took its picture because, for one thing, it was
sitting perfectly still and, for another, it looked funny. It was short! When I checked out
the photo at home, it was apparent the fly had undeveloped wings.  Carol Davis, 4-26-2013

fly just emerged from pupa
The stiff hairs on its abdomen give it away as a Tachinid (or Tachinid) fly.  The wet appearance
as w
ell as the short wings are indications of a fly that has just emerged from the pupa stage
(according to Bugguide).
This is the first fly I've seen in this development stage which is, in
my opinion, much better than seeing it as a maggot
.  Carol Davis, 4-26-2013

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