Tachinid Fly   (three photos)
Genus Gonia

Gonia Tachinid Fly
Gonia species of Tachinid Fly visiting a dandelion on
Antelope Island, Davis County, Utah. © Carol Davis 4-22-2018

gonia tachnid fly
This little brown-headed fly sporting a black body with white stripes stood
out as
a very different fly than I had previously seen.  It was hanging around
Red Butte
Garden, probably checking out the moths. © Carol Davis, 5-19-2014

black, white and brown tachnid fly
The larvae of Tachinid Flies in the genus Gonia are parasitoids of Moths, according
to most of the scant sources I've seen on the Internet.  I like the light brown coloring
 of the oversized head and the dark brown coloring of the eyes. Over all, as far as flies
 go, this one is quite attractive if you can overlook its lifestyle.  © Carol Davis 5-19-2014

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