Square-headed Wasp  (three photos)
  Tachytes distinctus

tachytes wasp hilltopping
I have watched these wasps in the past at Red Butte Garden. They guard the flowers, especially white
ones, from other wasps and bees. 
I finally got these wasps ID'd to species in 2016. © Carol Davis 8-18-2014

black wasp with green eyes
I had to move slowly towards them with my camera because any movement caused them to fly around
in a "manic panic".  Sometimes the paper wasps would sneak in and hide in the flowers but the bumble
bees just ignored them, for the most part.  Does anything intimidate a bumble bee?  © Carol Davis 8-18-2014

green-eyed wasp
I could have just pulled up a chair and studied his behavior for the rest of the day but the sun was
 brutal this hot August day, even though the temperature was only in the mid nineties.
  I hope Red
 Butte keeps these phlox flowers around forever. 
When these wasps visit my yard, they guard my
Hydrangea. Tachytes look scary, but you can watch them with no problem. © Carol Davis 8-18-2014

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