Tamarisk Leaf Beetle
Diorhabda elongata

Diorhabda elongata
These little beetles were covering the Tamarisk (Saltcedar) at this location in St. George, Utah.  © Carol Davis, 6-13-2009

tamarisk leaf beetle defoliating
Defoliation by Diorhabda elongata
occurs at least once a year to Tamarisk and sometimes twice a year.  It takes about 4-5 years
for the roots to suffer damage enough completely kill the bushes.  Most of the bushes in St. George are suffering their second year of
defoliation.  The beetles will fly long distances to find their sole source of food or die trying.  This beetle is an introduced species
to the United States and many years of research preceded their importation.  The Tamarisk is also an introduced species that uses
more water than native riparian plants, such as willows. Follow this link for  more information on this insect.  © Carol Davis, 6-13-2009

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