Tarantula Hawk
Entypus aratus

tarantula hawk
Tarantula Hawks paralyze their prey, bury them, lay eggs, and then
the wasp larvae feed off the spider.  I'm sorry, were you eating
lunch? Well, then, don't read the rest of this. Carol Davis 8-30-2009

I was trying to photograph a spider on sunflowers by Promontory Point, Utah when this HUGE female
Tarantula Wasp came zooming in.  I had never seen any of these up close and personal so I was hesitant about
getting too close for fear she might be crabby.  This one let me take a few shots and then did a false charge.
I backed off a little and then moved in to take more shots.  Suddenly she charged again and I might have put up
a fight if I hadn't been so darn busy flailing my arms and shouting expletives while trying to osmose through
my locked car door.  I could swear I saw her smirking as she quietly departed.  Carol Davis, 8-30-2009

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