Thick-headed Fly  (three photos)

When someone calls you thick-headed (dense), think of this Thecophora with the squared-off jaw. 

thick-headed fly
On the other hand, if someone says you're "all eyes", you can also think of this fly.  What a field of vision it has with those large
brown orbs.  The tiny insects surrounding the fly appear to be thrips (they feed on plants.)

From above, this fly just  appears black or dark brown because the white face isn't visible.  Like all Thick-headed Flies, this
genus lays eggs during flight on bumble bees and wasps and when the young hatch they feed off the host. 
Ick!  Its a terrible job but
Mother Nature decided someone has to keep the bees and wasps under control (and I'd rather not do it).  © Carol Davis, 6-17-2007

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