Thread-legged Assassin Bug  (three photos)
Genus Stenolemoides arizonensis
about 5/8 inch

thread-legged assassin bug
When I spotted this small bug on Antelope Island I immediately got a piece of paper and scooped it up for a close-up shot. I thought it might be a
 mantidfly since it had front legs very similar to a praying mantis; the body, however, looked like an assassin bug.  Carol Davis 7-8-2012

mantis-like bug
The front legs are adapted to use like praying mantis legs with spines to hold their prey. Basically, they walk on four legs.
If you look closely there is a pointed mouth part that is used in sucking the insides out of other insects. 
Carol Davis 7-8-2012

It even has a cool collar that gives it that regal look, don't you think? This was a great find!
I let it go right after the photo shoot.
Carol Davis 7-8-2012

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