Thread-waisted Wasp
with Caterpillar
Genus Ammophila

wasp dragging
I first saw this Ammophila Wasp and its prey crossing my
path in Wasatch Mountain State Park, Utah. It saw me, too.
I guess it didn't want me to know where it was going with
the large sphinx moth caterpillar, so it came out to tell me
get lost.  © Carol Davis 7-30-2018

            thread-waisted wasp
As I would try to walk towards where I knew she left
the caterpillar, she would land in front of me and
fly up and forward to get me to move back. I wasn't
really afraid of her because I knew they weren't an
aggressive species. More below.  © Carol Davis 7-30-2018

back to business
At one point she even landed briefly on the toe of my
shoe. I finally backed well away and she went back to her
 business.  This was her retreating (very quickly, I might add)
into the brush. What a funny little gal. © Carol Davis 7-30-2018

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