Thread-waisted Wasp
Genus Ammophila

orange and black thread-waisted wasp
Few wasps are as beautiful as the Thread-waisted Wasps with their long, thin abdomens. This
one was gathering nectar at Bear River MBR, Box Elder County, Utah.  © Carol Davis 7-14-2013

Ammophila thread-waisted wasp
Ammophila wasps, although not large or aggressive, are equipped with strong jaws for moving rocks and
dirt while building their underground nests. I've watched some of the females dig their burrows
and it's quite fascinating.  When they're done laying their eggs, they cover the hole with dirt and
pebbles, leaving no trace of their excavation. The University of Wisconsin has an informative article
on Thread-waisted Wasps, including Ammophila, and their life cycle. ©  Carol Davis 7-14-2013

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