Thread-waisted Wasp  (four photos)
Family Sphecidae
species presently unknown

hairy black thread-waisted wasp
A bunch of these black wasps showed up while I was photographing around Pine Valley Reservoir in
Washington County, Utah.  They were just about the hairiest wasps I've ever seen in their
size range.  © Carol Davis 9-20-2015

black hairy wasp
I'm still waiting for Bugguide to identify these to species. They really interest me. The
upper half of the body is hairier than the abdomen.  © Carol Davis 9-20-2015

wasp compared to tachnid fly
This photo shows a size comparison between a large Tachnid Fly and these wasps.  © Carol Davis 9-20-2015

thread-waisted wasp and a potter wasp
This Thread-waisted Wasp was fascinated with a tiny striped Potter Wasp and kept following it
around and checking on it every now and again. There's quite a size difference between these
two - the black one is a Specid wasp and the other is a Vespid wasp. Colorado State has a web
article that helps explain the difference between the two families of wasps. © Carol Davis 9-20-2015

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