Thread-waisted Wasp
Genus Prionyx

Prionyx wasp
We were checking out the insect population in Goshen Canyon when I noticed this little wasp scouting
around on the ground. I started trying to take photos but this little thing hardly stood still.  It kept its
eye on me but wasn't too worried as I followed it around with my camera.  © Carol Davis 8-2-2017

Orange and black Prionyx wasp
There were a lot of grasshoppers in the area and Bugguide says Prionyx wasps use
grasshoppers to provision their nests.  © Carol Davis 8-2-2017

red and black wasp
When it finally did stand still (somewhat), it decided to dine on a little pollen.
That didn't make the photography any easier.  You can read more about
Prionyx species on Bugguide.  © Carol Davis 8-2-2017

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