Three-lined Potato Beetle Larva  (two photos)
Lema daturaphila

Lema daturaphila larva
What in the world? (I know you're thinking that!)  I found this on the underside of Sacred Datura leaves at Lytle
Ranch in Southern Utah and immediately thought it must be a Three-lined Potato Beetle larva.  I also
the icky stuff on its back was some kind of emerging parasitic fly or wasp larvae. No. © Carol Davis 4-18-2015

Three-lined potato beetle larva with feces
This sticky mess (which will turn into the handsome beetle shown here) is carrying its own feces on its back,
presumably to make it less appealing to predators (I know it work
ed for me). As I was trying to turn the
 leaf over and position the larva in the sunlight, I kep
t accidentally grabbing hold of other larvae and
getting their "cra
p" all over my fingers. I would have taken more pictures but, truthfully, I was just
 grossed out over the little things (now you can be grossed out, as well).  © Carol Davis 4-18-2015

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