Tiphiid Wasp  (four photos)
Subfamily Tiphiinae

Tiphiid Wasp
This wasp was sharing the pollen with Honey Bees,
Soldier Flies, Blister Beetles and many other insects in
Tonaquint Park, St. George, UT. Carol Davis 10-9-2018

Tiphiinae wasp
Whenever I go to Tonaquint, I have to think of my sister-in-law, Marilyn Davis,
who passed away in 2018. She loved this park and loved to share her knowledge
of birds, especially with children. She was also learning to appreciate my insects
and spiders (I'm still working on my brother).  We miss her.  Carol Davis 10-9-2018

tiphiid wasp
This long-bodied wasp I found at Strawberry Reservoir in Wasatch County is a
predator of ground beetles. It will paralyze its beetle victim, lay an egg on it,
and when the wasp larva emerges it dines on the ready-made meal (sounds
 like a horror movie, doesn't it). Carol Davis, 7/24/11

black wasp
In many species of the Tiphiid Wasp, the female is wingless. This one is probably
a male but I don't know for sure.  Being wingless would make it easier to hunt
for ground beetles. Here's a link describing the Tiphiid Wasp.
Carol Davis, 7/24/11

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