Tiphiid Wasp  (four photos)
Genus Paratiphia

paratiphia wasp
There were a bunch of these wasps on a sunflower at Bear River MBR.  © Carol Davis 7-14-2013

face of a tiphiid wasp
It wasn't easy getting photographs since none of them stood still for very long.  They were quite
 hairy, as you can see, but they're right in style with those fuzzy faces.  © Carol Davis 7-14-2013

tiphiid wasp
Not much information is around about Paratiphia. A photo of some of the swarm is shown below.  © Carol Davis 7-14-2013

small black tiphiid wasps
Swarming Tiphiid Wasps on sunflower.  © Carol Davis 7-14-2013

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