Genus Telamona (?)

tiny treehopper
I was scanning a tree with large leaves looking for insects at Red Butte Gardens when I spotted a tiny
piece of leaf debris. I took a quick look and walked by but then I thought that I should take a closer
look. I studied the tiny piece of leaf for a moment and then I spied tiny legs and then a bitsy eye.
I knew instantly I had my very first treehopper.  © Carol Davis, 8-12-2011

gold treehopper
As I was taking photos, people started gathering around to see what I was photographing because they
couldn't see anything of interest. They were flabbergasted when I showed them the photo of this beautiful
little insect, especially when I zoomed in on the eye. This little guy made my day. 
© Carol Davis, 8-12-2011

back of a treehopper
I submitted these photos for identification but I personally think this treehopper is from the genus
© Carol Davis, 8-12-2011

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