When Is a Thorn Not a Thorn? 
A:  When it's a Treehopper

Genus Campylenchia Rugosa

As Ruth Sulik and I were walking by some Sweet Clover up by Jordanelle Reservoir, I noticed that there
were some brown thorns on the stems. I didn't think anything of it until a few steps later when it
hit me - Sweet Clover doesn't have thorns! This photo shows an ant tending a Treehopper. The
 next photo shows two hoppers entertaining themselves.
Carol Davis 7-3-2012

brown thorn-like treehopper
"I'm the king of Bunker Hill!" I don't know what was happening here, but this was not an uncommon
position for these tiny insects.  The next shot shows these hoppers and one more.
Carol Davis 7-3-2012

brown treehopper
This one was obviously waiting its turn to be the "king" when the two below it finally got through wrestling.
Between the wind and the ants, it wasn't easy to shoot these pictures.
Strange little creatures.
Carol Davis 7-3-2012

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