"Tuxedo Bug"  (seed bug) -  two photos
Raglius alboacuminatus
5-6 mm.

tuxedo bug
I found this tiny bug trying to get out of my house in Taylorsville, Utah, by the back door screen.  I would
have ignored it entirely because it was so small, but I saw a distinct pattern on the abdomen I'd never
seen before so I got out the camera.  This little insect never held still for a minute and seemed to be
 quite paranoid about my camera.  It finally just fell off the door when I got a ruler and began chasing it
around trying to get its exact length.  That's the last I saw of the little thing.

seed bug
  They are a seed bug, an invasive species, that seems to enjoy living inside houses in the winter which
doesn't sit too well with the inhabitants of the house. They can be quite the pest in large numbers.  They
don't bite, are not  dangerous and are so small they are often mistaken for ants.  They are nicknamed
"Tuxedo Bugs" because of the black and white abdominal markings.  © Carol Davis, 10-18-2009

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